I was immediately intrigued when Eugenia [Care] came to me with the idea for this project. I had never heard of the Helicopter Square Dance Team... and the vision of square-dancing helicopters filled my head as we drove out to a hotel in Ventura to film her uncle, C.W.O. Fred O. Bell.

Fred's gentle humor and amazing storytelling quickly made an impact on me, along with his impressive flying skills. Shortly thereafter, I committed to directing and producing Do-Si-Do in the Sky. As we were wrapping up filming, Fred smiled and said, "Heck, just call me uncle!"

Not only did Fred participate in the U.S. Army Helicopter Square Dance Team, he spent most of his career in the Army. After volunteering at seventeen in the final days of WWII, he served honorably in the Korean and Vietnam wars. I have been continually humbled by the tremendous service he gave to this country. Although he's honored to have served in three separate wars, some of his most vivid memories come from his time with the Square Dance Team.

My bond with Fred continued to grow as we wrapped up Do-Si-Do in the Sky. I feel so fortunate to have worked on this documentary - and to have met my Uncle Fred.

Now, "All to the center and do-si-do!"

- Cameron Tucker